Monday, February 14, 2011

WW: 2/11-2/13

This weekend wrap-up isn't really a whole weekend wrap-up, more like a 2/3 kinda deal.  Friday sucked.  Really sucked.  And thats all you need to know. =)

Saturday started out not to much better.  My car has decided to throw a fit which put me behind even further on the three projects I have due for school.  That and I had to be ready for our VIP Movie Premier party and still had lots to do for that.  I totally remembered this weekend why we don't do big birthdays every year becase 1.) Its really frigging expensive  2.) Its takes way more time than you think  3.) Its mentally draining.  BUT...while it didn't go like I planned (neither of the cameras for the papapparazzi worked, time ran out and we were running late and not all of her besties came) it turned out really well.  The girls basically just chilled in the room before the Justin Bieber movie, eating munchies and listened to his music.  Then People Magazine came (aka Tiffany) and took lots of great pics on the "red carpet".  We also got some pics with the Biebs himself...well himself being the door poster that I bought but whatever.  I heard phrases of "best party ever" so that made me happy.  The movie was really sweet and I get why the girls are so lala over him.  He is PRECIOUS and very talented.  That kid plays four instruments, he can sing, he can dance (man can that kid dance), he's athletic...basically in 10 years, he could make me a cougar, rofl.  But according to Miss A, he'll be my son-in-law.  Which is cool because he'll make someone some beautiful grandbabies one day.  His story is pretty incredible and his Mom is awesome.  Tiffany and I both loved how often they prayed together and their faith showed through all the time.  While I didn't like paying $10 to go watch a True Hollywood Story, for a music documentary it wasn't half bad.  More like half great ;~)

Miss A just loved everything about her birthday this year.  From breakfast at IHop (probably her favorite joke every, spell it out loud a couple of times, you'll get it) on her actual birthday, to all the snow days around it, completely totally awesome invitations (THANK YOU STEPHANIE!!!) and a great time with her friends, she is one happy twelve year old.

Sunday was a good day.  MLP went off to do his thing on a pool (yay money! lol) and Miss A and I got to have some hang out time.  We also cleaned a bit...just a small bit, come on you all know me.  Once MLP got done, we went out to the Mack and had Sunday dinner with the in-laws, which was yummy (brisket, asperagus and Sal-ad).  That is a situation that I am always apprehensive about so I love when it goes well.   My MIL looked so much better and has gained some weight (Thank You Jesus!) so the treatment is working.  Again, thank you Jesus!!!  We made plans to go to Arsenic and Old Lace (oh crap, I just realized that I forgot to call her...better do that later) which I am looking forward too.  Oh and btw Miss're going too!  How'd you like finding out this way? ;~) lol

All in all, while not the most exciting of weekends I was much happier Sunday than I thought I could be when I hit the sheets on Friday night.  Hope this Valentine's Day gives you the chance to tell those in your life that you care and love them.  Yes this day has been completely commercialized, but that doesn't mean it's a bad thing to get their undivided attention and make sure they take in just how much you adore them!!

LGFN =~)