Monday, December 20, 2010

Just stuff

This post is all about randomness.  Cause guess what?  By choosing to click on my link or visit me cause you follow me (all two of you, lol) you've entered that wonderful little part of the universe called Jessica World!  And in Jessica World, some of the things that are being thought about are:
  1. Before an email/text telling about the latest onion cure, missing child or picture of an alien is sent, you do a real quick Internet check for hoaxes.  In Jessica World, we always look out for wastes of time...unless of course the forward is just too ridiculous to share and then you send it on with a statement of such.
  2. If at all possible, all grammatical errors, misspellings and the like are removed from text messages, status, twats or whatever you are sending out.  Short and sweet abbreviations are fine but honey listen.  If you are using all the characters given to you in said communication, then please PLEASE (capped for emphasis, not because I was too lazy to retype because I had the caps lock on) edit your stuff.  Drunk texting is not included because damn it, its a friggin touch screen and sometimes I hit the wrong letter...OKAY
  3. All encompassing statements about families and/or general populations are not made (My family sucks, I hate everybody, All blondes with pixie cuts are bitches) because they are just not true.  Many of the "my family sucks or screwed me over" statements happen to include ME in it and honestly, I didn't.  And if I did, you deserved it (just kidding cause most of the time I'm too busy in my own life to really bother with yours past reading your status on Facebook.)
  4. Facebook drama would not exist.  Really.  Its Facebook.  Its a place to mindlessly send your thoughts out into the world, let family and friends who live far away have a glimpse into your fabulous life that they are missing or the chance for that crazy person down the street to stalk you cause you're  a dummy who sets your profile to private but didn't take the time to go in and adjust your picture settings (and yes the first time I typed in "your" instead of "you're" but I went in and edited, see Jessica World is a wondrous place.  I'll also use spell check)
Hmm...I can not believe I am drawing a blank.  Perhaps its the dogs whimpering behind me because the girls are not letting them play, but I think I'm done with this post.  Maybe I'll be in a jollier mood later on and do a run down of things to do in the next 24-72 hours...then again maybe not.

Lator Gator for Now!

Friday, December 10, 2010

Remember remember the 10th of December

Well, I don't really have anything to remember about the 10th of December.  I just like to chant that rhyme.  I'm random like that.  Know it, own it, love it....hmmm that might make a good t-shirt!  I've been on a t-shirt kick ever since I saw the "Use You Words" tee at the Merriam Webster site.  Then I went a-browsing at and saw all kinds of awesome designs.  But seriously...$34?  Are they CRAZY? 

Speaking of crazy...I just borrowed my neighbor's sewing machine.  I'm going to give it a try at converting some of our pants into skinny ones.  Miss A has several that she doesn't wear because they're not "skinny jeans".  She obvisiously hasn't seen the price difference between the skinny jean and the boot cut.  Again, they must be crazy cause there is less fabric on the skinny jean.  But whatevs. 

This weekend is looking like some fun.  Tonight A is going to an indoor swim party and I'm going to do some more shopping.  We're doing some science fair Saturday morning then going to Neiman's with MIL that afternoon to check out the Christmas display.  Then on Sunday our best friend family is coming over to decorate cookies and also to kick our butts if we don't have our Christmas decoration done.  I'm hoping having the pathetic four foot pre-lit disaster that my DH is making me use up counts.  Cause thats about as far as we got last night.  I am so not into it this year and just looking at that tree makes me want to just chuck it and let everyone wake up to a pile of stuff in the middle of the floor that Saturday morning.  I feel that this is a good plan because:
A. Nothing wrapped- Not wasting paper, bows or tape (good for the environment and my stress level)
2. No mess on Christmas morning (See A above)
C- Less electricity because we don't have the lights and stuff on all the time.  Which leads to
4. We might actually have some $$$ left over

Now if this were Jessica world (the world of farting unicorns and six-pack producing cookies) this would happen.  But since I have to live in Aleisa world, the tree (pathetic though it is) will get decorated, the gifts will be wrapped and all will be right in the world cause my heart grew 2 sizes just typing this...not


Thursday, December 2, 2010

Beauty and the...well just me

Now, this little slice of the internets is my world.  And since its my world, I can make anything I want be true.  Like, unicorns farting butterflys.  Or eating an entire batch of chocolate chip cookies is good for you and promotes six packed stomachs.  But in this one instance I'll just stick to the truth in reality.

And that truth is, I am so not a girly, high maintenance kind of girl.  In the last few years I've tried to become one, but my success rate is limited to those rare nights I am together with other adults.  Most of the time I am doing good to get dressed, much less fix my hair and put make-up on.  But here lately I've been trying harder.  Ok, I'm not going to fib its because four days a week I do leave the house to go to class.  Its difficult to convince others that you are a brilliant and witty person if you look like you just rolled out of bed.

I'm digressing again.  My daughter convinced me I really should get some boots (Mom, you can just slide them on!  Just like your Nikes but these will be cute!).  So I did.  Let me tell you, it was kind of difficult to find.  While I am shrinking I'm still a big chick with fat calves and I'm not trying to look like I have sausages above my shoes.  I finally found a pair of boots that were perfect!  Tall enough to tuck pants into but short enough that if I need to wear them under I can.  Only thing is the heel was difficult so I ended up getting a half size bigger.  They weren't a big deal getting on at the store with the little pantyhose things they give you so I happily brought them home.  Fast forward to trying to wear them in the real world.  Normal socks don't slip like pantyhose.  And I don't think your foot is meant to straighten to the angle necessary to get these things on with regular socks.  But, at least I'll burn an extra 25 calories every time I wrestle these things on.

Now that I have boots I needed some pants to go with them.  I follow the Stacy and Clinton Bible and try to always get straight leg or boot cut pants, to elooongate and give my body the illusion of length (again, this is MY reality lol).  Or some bs like that.  Those don't tuck all that great into boots though.  So I bit my lip and bought some of these skinny leg jeans things.  They were on the clearance at Target, so no biggie.  They're the right size so I just grab them and go (I hate trying things on at Target, I always feel like someone is watching.  Granted they look away quickly when its me but still...well if I take my top off they'd probably keep looking in awe cause the tatas are definitely a sight to behold as they are ginormous but I'm digressing again, lol)  So I get them home and hang them.  Today I decide that I should get dressed, cause I need to go to class and go get my tire fixed.  I slide them on and as they go up my leg they are sticking to them.  These things are tight!  Not "Oh dear Lord I can't breathe, somebody get me some pliers or a hanger to pull the zipper up" tight, but see above.  My pants legs don't touch the skin all the way down.  Fashionable or not, this could take some getting used to.  Maybe I should buy the pajamajeans....

I just don't know if I can do this.  Its bad enough  that I have a flat iron and more than 2 shades of lipstick now.  Not to mention some great jewelry that I can use to dress up that standard t-shirt.  Having to stuff my pants into shoes?  I hated doing that when I was a kid, why am I doing it now?  One word-ALEISA, lol


Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Twas the day before Thanksgiving...

Twas the day before Thanksgiving
And all around the house
Mom was scurrying here and about;
Resisting temptation to move her mouse
She had to cook the stuffing, the pies and rolls,
The dishes sat languishing in the sink so high,
As Mom was busy racing to the top of the family polls.
She didn't burn the cornbread or chop her finger in the onions,
She mixed up the filling and whipped all the cream,
All in high heels sure to give her some bunions
The table was bare, ready for all the plates
Knives, forks and spoons
Then Mom remembered, as she gave a scream
That she forgot to pick up the centerpiece of flowers.
She looked at her husband, with hard black eyes,
They have mums over there!  Steal all the mums,
Anything with flowers will do!"
As her husband scurried out the door,
Fast as a light,
Mom sighed as she sat down and
"Happy Thanksgiving to all and to all....DON"T FIGHT!"

Yeah I got a little bored waiting on MLP to call me back to give me the details for a bid I was sending out for him today.  Hope it gives you a chuckle as you prepare for your feast tomorrow.  Happy Thanksgiving, count your blessings!

LGFN...Later Gator for Now =)

Friday, November 19, 2010


I am so disappoited in myself right now.  I have been childless for about 4 hours now and has anything been done with this?  No random "stuff" in the yummy grown up drinks (sad to say I don't even think there are the MAKINGS of a yummy drink in my house; thats just crazy and must be remedied tomorrow!)...not even a good walk around the house in the buff.  NOTHING.  I am getting seriously out of the loop on this whole go wild thing.  When the chance for wild is upon me, I don't grab it and run with it anymore.  I remember the days of tequila shots, I mean a lot of tequila shots.  Jose and I were total besties  Like I could even sing his song without missing a beat.  Drunken karoake thinking I was on American Idol.  Girls night out, which almost always was followed by a "stomacch virus" at work the next day.  Good night McGonagal, there was a good 18 months of debauchery that I can't even remember all of! Well...maybe not debauchery but there are certainly several nights that are fuzzy

And now...well now its Friday night at 10 something and I'm sitting in the red chair with a laptop and Marshal is at the dining room table doing...something with a plug and an extension cord.  Seriously something is wrong with this picture.  *sigh* 

I'm going to give us some credit and say we are being totally boring because we are doing lots of pools tomorrow (yeah somehow I let myself get talked into helping, again).  And after that we are wining and brining with some adults tomorrow night and that will be followed by crazy loud monkey...scrapbooking.  Got to get the memories in order for that baby fever that will be cured sometime soon...I hope ;~)


Thursday, November 18, 2010

Back at the stove

Actually cooking a real meal tonight, first time in a while.  Decided on making pumpkin ravioli, to be supportive of our lil veggie.  She is doing really well with it, I'm so proud of her.  For the most part, she is sticking to vegetables and fish.  She has every now and again eaten chicken but I think over all she's still succeeding in her goal of not eating animals with feelings.  And yes, chickens have feelings (at least she thinks they do, lol).  She grew up at Grandma and Grandpa's house with chickens running around.  At one point Dad did the whole raise them from chicks thing.  He had this one hen who just followed him everywhere.  One day he was going to go into the travel trailer (they lived in one after the house burned but before the new house) and suddenly there was this SMACK!  The chicken had tried to jump on his shoulder and hit the door instead.  Too funny, it ran around like a chicken with its head cut off. lol

Back to the stove.  The pumpkin is savory, flavored with scallions, thyme and sage.  Got the dough together and set it aside while I made the filling.  Once that was done I pulled out the dough and pulled it into fourths.  Problem #1 showed in that it was too sticky.  Added some more flour and hoped that would do it.  Went looking and found problem #2: No rolling pin.  So, looked around and improvised with the round frozen thing you can put in water bottles.  It left "frozen" all over the dough but no biggie.  Problem #1 reasserted itself because the dough was still too stickey.  Throwed some more flour on and figured I'd just go with the flow.  Finished rolling and dotted half the sheet with filling.  Brushed the egg between the filling dots and tried to pull the dough over the top. such luck.  Dough was MUCH too sticky.  Gave that sheet up as a throw out and went to fix the rest when I more flour ( I prefer semolina for my pasta).  Going to the freezer (which is where any good girl keeps her flour, courtesy of her Momma) and no regular flour either.  Dang it.  Not to be defeated (especially since I had a whole pan full of filling) I deviated the plan and went with pumpkin lasagna.  So, crossing my fingers that the no boil noodles do okay as I haven't always had the best luck with those. 

But, you ask (cause I'm sure you are) what are you going to do with the rest of the dough?  I googled it and it says it can be frozen.  Hoping that I can freeze, buy more flour and then salvage once I defrost.  Fingers crossed again.  So DR, I'm tossing the question backatcha: Does frozen dough work well? 

LGFN...Later Gator For Now!

Thursday, November 11, 2010


Hello to all the Doctors:  Are you wanting to make some extra money for your practice?  Need to cover those holiday bonuses for the employees?  Well here's your chance!!!  Offer tests with results!  Wait a minute you say?  I already give my patients results for their tests?  Of course you do.  That would be irresponsible and unethical to put a patient through a test, take their money and then never tell them anything.  No, what this program is about is cutting out the wait time!  Your patients are at home right now, googling and WebMding what little information they got from the techs who performed their test, trying to figure out if they need to panic or not.  When you offer tests with results, you give your patients the option to pay EXTRA to get their results same day!  No waiting, no manic googling.  Thats right folks, there are people out there who are willing to give you even MORE money for peace of mind.  Its a win/win situation!!!  AND the first 50 callers will receive a lifetime supply of the magazine of their choice for those patients who are sitting in the waiting area for those results!  Don't waste time, act now!!!

*This program does not cover kleenexes for tears or ear plugs for the good news.  This program is a figment of the writers imagination and only came about because freakin Google couldn't tell her anything. 

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Need a reason to celebrate?

Lets in history the Marine Corp were born, Sesame Street aired for the first time, Miranda Lambert, Eve and Brittany Murphy were born.  Its also Pi day (the 314th day of the year) and area code day.  This week is also Dear Santa Letter week, Pursuit of Happiness week and National Young Readers week (yay! cause I loooove reading!!)  And in honor of my in-house veggie (her Daddy likes to call her that, it drives her crazy) November is also Vegan Month.  Although she's not a vegan, eats dairy products and eggs, will eat fish and the other day ate chicken because we were at Bush's.  But, she's going on 3 weeks of this new thing so we're still supporting her.

There are a lot of random ways to celebrate November.  If I were childless and single, I would totally get into raising awareness for National Impotency Month, no good man should go to waste. ;~)  Plus its also National Roasting Month...does that mean we should cook a lot of roasts?  Or set up lots of parties with a guest of honor and make fun of them all night?

Whatever and however way we choose, always remember to give thanks.  Not just in November but everyday month as well

LGFN....Lator Gator For Now!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Well, another November 2nd has come and gone.  Did all you DR go out and vote?  Whether you are for or against Obama (and NO I am not telling which side I fall on.  That's not what this post is about silly) he has definitely started some much needed conversations and debate around the country. 

When I went to check my local county polls, I was kinda sad at the numbers I saw.  Denton County precinct 202 (where I live) has just under 5000 registered voters.  Only 1400 or so actually voted.  29%  TWENTY NINE PERCENT.  That is not any kind of a majority.  No, no, no.  How can we expect our voices to be heard if we don't go out and use them?  It irks me to no end to hear people moan and groan and complain about the State of the Union and if you ask them "Did you vote?", they say "No".  While I know that the Constitution gives them the right to moan and groan, if you don't actually use that other right we have it means nothing.  Now I know my precinct is a small part of Denton County and Denton County is a small part of Texas.  But does anyone really want to let only 29 out of 100 people decide who does what?  How can decisions truly be what the majority want, if the majority isn't even talking?  Who knows what kinda crazy nut those 29 could be?  They could be completely on the far right, those people who think its okay to walk into church and shoot a Dr in the head.  OR it could be one of those people who think that just because SOME guns are used to kill people, that all guns are used to kill people and as such should be taken away.  Or if not taken away, taxed so high that its basically impossible for John and Jane Doe to add anything new to their armory, er I mean collection. 

All I'm sayin is the next time elections come around, get out and vote.  This election had something of a high profile as it was a Governor election year.  But what about those elections that are for things like school bonds?  The next time you are griping because your property taxes went up another $500, did you vote the last time your ISD had something on the board?  Or if your child's school looks like its hasn't been updated since the 70s, half of them are in classrooms so stuffed full of kids that the air conditioning doesn't even begin to cover on a day when we're hitting 102 outside, did you go vote during the bond election? 

Recently my fair city did some road work that was badly needed.  However, in the plans they didn't draw in left turns for several streets on what is a major road.  The citizens affected called out the alarm and passed out fliers.  They went to city council meetings and had their voices heard.  And got the plans changed.  We can be heard, whichever way you wish to be talking.  Just open your mouth....or pull out that voter registration card.

LGFN...Later Gator For Now!

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Hallowed History

Well....I fully intended to write a post about the history of Halloween (or All Hallowed Even(evening) as it was before it was shortened) but then as I was doing the research I started to glaze over.  Too reminiscent of the recent papers I had to write.  Plus the house is only halfway clean and really, we all know I'm just procrastinating.  Which I shouldn't because MLP (that's Marshal Lance Poer, I don't know why I just like calling him his full name.  Drives him a little irritated) will be home soon and I believe he is taking me up on my offer of help and putting me to work.  Blech, blah, just offered to be nice but I guess I'll lend a hand.  I do get how much it does sucketh to have to work on Saturday.  Especially since, and it may just be me (and my Mom) but on Saturdays I am more prone to the veggietated state.  I am way more active on a Sunday morning (after the obligatory round of home shows on HGTV) than I am for the whole day on Saturday.  Go figure.  Plus I somehow seem to have agreed to go see Paranormal Activity 2 AND WATCH THE FIRST ONE...all in the SAME DAY.  Think I might have been slipped a mickey because I have been avoiding those types of things like the plague recently (I get night terrors, so anything about anything in your house at night while your sleeping is a bad idea).  So, all in all, maybe it is a good thing I'm procrastinating.  I did have this one professor in college who used to spin procrastinating into perfection and that those that procrastinated were really just type A perfectionist who wanted it just right.

Nah, not me! So back to the original thought behind this post.  All Saints Day originally came about when Pope Boniface consecrated the Pantheon in Rome to the Virgin Mary and all the Martyrs May 13 609 or 610.  Pope Gregory III moved it in the 730s to November 1.  This is considered a Holy Day of obligation (meaning we have to go to Mass).  Now around the same time of the year, the Celtics celebrated Samhain, which was basically the time from the lighter part of the year to the darker part of the year.  The Scots called it (once the Church came to that part of the world) All Hallows Even because it was the night before All Saints Day.  Skip over some more hundred years and what you get is a great excuse to dress up, get and eat waaay too much candy and have an excuse to jump out and scare little kids.  Any other time of the year if you made someone pee their pants, you'd just be mean! ;~)

Everyone be safe, have fun and remember....the Reese's are mine!!!

LGFN, Later Gator For Now

PS..Happy Birthday Tiffany and Reese

Friday, October 29, 2010

Going Hmmm...should I?

It's not very often that I put true thoughts out for everyone and their momma to see.  I'm not much on browbeating and heavy handedness in getting my points across.  I like that I can have my own personal beliefs, for myself, but I don't have to feel the need to push those upon others.  A very simplistic way to think about it is, chocolate.  Strange enough, there ARE people out there who don't like it.  PERSONALLY, I think they are crazy and have no idea what something good tastes like.  But does that mean I am going to force them to eat it til they do like it?  Campaign for laws mandating that EVERYONE eat chocolate because that is what I personally believe is right?  Yes, I know this is a very simplistic way to put it and there are some major issues out there, but it does boil down to the same thing.  What gives anyone the right to tell another person how they can live their lives, what they are allowed or not allowed to do given that such a thing has no consequences on others?  Before you take this statement and run with it, I'm not saying lets have an open free for all and have no laws.  For society to function, we must have laws that prevent harm to others or their property.  But we are endowed with unalienable rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.  But now I'm at a point where I am waying my enjoyment of not dealing with people trying to tell me how wrong I am, how I am a bad Christian because I believe a certain way or basically just being pains in my butt OR with saying "You know, this is what I believe isn't right".  So....should I?  Or should I stay content in knowing that I know what I believe?  Hmmmm....LGFN, Lator Gator For Now

Tuesday, October 26, 2010


Back in the preschool teaching days, I had a book in our library called "Grossology", which was followed by "All About Poo" and another cool book that was about your body and each page was really a transparency that showed what was going on in your body with each page.  The body is a fascinating thing and the happenings that go with it are too.  But alas, sometimes its just too much information.  Much like Diddy did when he posted the video about him relieving himself and saying there was nothing like the feeling of a just emptied bladder (or something to that effect, I'm sure it was a much more powerful statement given his skills of flow, lol) today I wanted to call up my hubby to tell him "Oh my gosh, you should have seen what came out of me today!!!"  I'll spare you, DR (thats Dear Readers for those of you new to the online short hand...there are a lot of acronyms for online postings and ads that take some thought to figure out....sorry went left again, we'll discuss another time) the gory details of what that was but sometimes you just want to share it!

Now what is TMI for one is not for another.  Me personally, I can't STAND loose teeth.  I think it has something to do with this one visit to the dentist.  I could HEAR the needle piercing the gum everytime she poked me.  *shudder*  So you can imagine how difficult it was when Aleisa started loosing them.  For me because she delights in grossing out her Mom and loves to freak me out.  So...I can handle poo talk and vomit and basically anything with the digestive system (Lance thinks I'm a freak because I like to lay on his belly and listen) but teeth, eh not so much.  Although I just can't seem to stop looking if someone has some funky/goofy/nasty grill in their face (an ode to those with flow skills, lol).  Nor do I like yucky broken parts.  I see them and I just can feel what that must be like to have that happen.  So, looking back, todays post too was a little random.  Okay, a lot random.  But those that know and love me know that I am a rambling random rockin chick.  =)

I need to come up with some kind of awesome closing phrase.  Thats the way the cookie crumbles, the rest of the story, Love and Light (no not really that one, I can't stand that Danielle lady she is ANNOYING)...Hmmm I'll have to think on it some more. about..LGFN, Lator Gator For Now! lol

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

First Time

"What is in a name?  That which we call a rose by any other name would still smell as sweet."  Shakespeare wrote this quote for Juliet to help explain that she love Romeo Montague, not his name or his family.  Before I got married, my last name was Keel.  Nothing quite like the teacher who calls roll by last name first "Keel, Jessica", so when Aleisa gets tired of people telling her she's poor, I can commiserate.  Although to be honest, I'd much rather be Poer, Aleisa than Keel Jessica.  Just sayin. 

Soooo....welcome to my blog!  This is the first time for me and I have no idea where I'll go with this in regards to topics, style so we'll just go with random.  Much like this one :~D  So any thoughts, comments and suggestions for future posts would be HIGHLY appreciated.  This one will be short and sweet, as that place that pays my bills is calling me back to reality.