Thursday, November 11, 2010


Hello to all the Doctors:  Are you wanting to make some extra money for your practice?  Need to cover those holiday bonuses for the employees?  Well here's your chance!!!  Offer tests with results!  Wait a minute you say?  I already give my patients results for their tests?  Of course you do.  That would be irresponsible and unethical to put a patient through a test, take their money and then never tell them anything.  No, what this program is about is cutting out the wait time!  Your patients are at home right now, googling and WebMding what little information they got from the techs who performed their test, trying to figure out if they need to panic or not.  When you offer tests with results, you give your patients the option to pay EXTRA to get their results same day!  No waiting, no manic googling.  Thats right folks, there are people out there who are willing to give you even MORE money for peace of mind.  Its a win/win situation!!!  AND the first 50 callers will receive a lifetime supply of the magazine of their choice for those patients who are sitting in the waiting area for those results!  Don't waste time, act now!!!

*This program does not cover kleenexes for tears or ear plugs for the good news.  This program is a figment of the writers imagination and only came about because freakin Google couldn't tell her anything. 


  1. Greatness! BTW... I am one of those people to NEVER receive results from a test. Seriously. Happened when my oldest was 2. She's 8 now, and we've never gotten the results...

  2. I had to call the office THREE times. Of course they said it was fine but come on...seriously? Why make me wait a week to say I'm fine. I know no news is good news but can you just confirm it for me?