Friday, November 19, 2010


I am so disappoited in myself right now.  I have been childless for about 4 hours now and has anything been done with this?  No random "stuff" in the yummy grown up drinks (sad to say I don't even think there are the MAKINGS of a yummy drink in my house; thats just crazy and must be remedied tomorrow!)...not even a good walk around the house in the buff.  NOTHING.  I am getting seriously out of the loop on this whole go wild thing.  When the chance for wild is upon me, I don't grab it and run with it anymore.  I remember the days of tequila shots, I mean a lot of tequila shots.  Jose and I were total besties  Like I could even sing his song without missing a beat.  Drunken karoake thinking I was on American Idol.  Girls night out, which almost always was followed by a "stomacch virus" at work the next day.  Good night McGonagal, there was a good 18 months of debauchery that I can't even remember all of! Well...maybe not debauchery but there are certainly several nights that are fuzzy

And now...well now its Friday night at 10 something and I'm sitting in the red chair with a laptop and Marshal is at the dining room table doing...something with a plug and an extension cord.  Seriously something is wrong with this picture.  *sigh* 

I'm going to give us some credit and say we are being totally boring because we are doing lots of pools tomorrow (yeah somehow I let myself get talked into helping, again).  And after that we are wining and brining with some adults tomorrow night and that will be followed by crazy loud monkey...scrapbooking.  Got to get the memories in order for that baby fever that will be cured sometime soon...I hope ;~)


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