Monday, January 31, 2011

WW- Weekend Wrap up

Well this weekend was a mixture of laziness and accomplishments.  Friday Miss A had a school fun night at our local Main Event so I headed over to one of my most favorite places in the whole wide world....Barnes & Nobles!  I spent a blissfull hour and a half browsing and doing some research for my hero project for Humanities.  During class I looked at a table mate and said "A or B?"  They looked at me a little like my head was on sideways before they said A.  They didn't know that A was Alexander the Great and B was Boadicea (a leader of the Iceni tribe that was in modern day Norfolk/Suffolk region of England).  Both of those are interesting to me (he left such an impression upon the world that it influenced leaders for centuries to come; she was a strong female leader that overcame adversity) but I couldn't decide which.  But anyways.  Miss A ended up getting to go have a sleepover and didn't make it home til around 5ish on Saturday.  I spent Saturday doing a mix of housework and watching the telly/reading books.  Took Miss A to our local kid hang out and got to spend some time with MLP watching the movie Knight and Day.  Which is a good movie IMHO. 

Sunday was a good day.  We went to Mass as whole family and then went out for breakfast.  I had a craving for pancakes but when we got to IHOP it was waaaaay to busy.  So we decided to hit Golden Corral.  This place is a little bit of a waste for me to go to (I've been trying to just split something with L or A anytime we go out to eat) but it was nice to be able to have a little bit of anything I could want.  Ironically, I did NOT have any pancakes.  But their cheesey hashbrown casserole was sooo yummy, it is definitely going on the menu for one day in February.  After breakfast we headed home to do some much needed cleaning.  Thursday is the Chinese New Year and for good luck all year long, you should sweep out all the dust and disappoitments by midnight on February 2.  If you lift even a Swiffer, you'll sweep all the good stuff away.  Also buy something new and make sure its red.  So remember that, go shopping and NO CLEANING ON THURSDAY.  Or you'll not have any good luck.  Thats my story and I'm sticking to it ;~)

My big thing for this weekend was to start having Sunday dinner.  Now yes, we always eat dinners on Sundays but now I want to start making them seem like the Sunday dinners that I remember.  We didn't have anyone coming over to eat with us (which will happen on other Sundays) but I did have some yummo ideas for what we were eating: Turkeyburger steak (ground turkey, diced onions, brown gravy mix, breadcrumbs and an egg), Asperagus au gratin (asperagus with provolone and parm) and cubed potatoes (basically a peeled potatoe cubed and baked with olive oil and sea salt).  Unfortunately, when I told MLP what time I wanted us to eat (around 4 pm) he balked a little bit and said I should just start cooking around 4.  Which doesn't give us the time that I want us to have for Sunday dinner because A has to be at Youth by 5:30.  So by the time I finished getting everything ready we had about 20 minutes to eat.  Which is NOT a Sunday dinner in my mind, thats a normal everyday dinner (rushing to eat to get somewhere).  But we enjoyed having something different, I got a head start on making a new recipe and my house is CLEAN!!!

Next Sunday won't count because its....Super Bowl!  But we are going to open our house up, so feel free to stop by for football, food and fun!  Pending nasty weather, we'll have some fun outside stuff to do, the game going on our screen (digital TV with digital cable) and the Wii available in the back room to send the kids away as needed.  My menu will also depend on the weather, because I am NOT going to stand outside by the grill unless it is over 40 degrees outside.  This girl doesn't mind the cold but does mind being IN the cold!

What are your Super Bowl plans?  Any ideas to share?


Saturday, January 29, 2011

Love and Sundays

For me, February is a month of love.  Not just because of Valentine's Day either.  My sweet baby girl has a birthday, my Mom has a birthday and several others that I love and care for are also celebrating in this month as well.  Plus, many years ago I met someone who put me on the path to where I am today.  While that person isn't Lance, without them I wouldn't have met Lance.  So that makes me smile too when I think of February. 

So, I think I'm going to celebrate February by showing my love.  For my very lucky husband and daughter, I'm going to try a new recipe every day in February.  Because its something I love to do.  I found an awesome deal at B&N last night, an Italian Family cookbook for $2.  Plus my Taste of Home magazine came in yesterday and in it was an article about Sunday dinners.  I remember doing that when I was a kid.  Especially with my Granny and Papaw or at my Mamaw's house.  Or at this one buffett place thats down the road from out church back home.

We haven't ever done that with Aleisa and I want her to have that experience.  Sunday dinner with the family is so different than other days.  Everything is slower, I guess.  You have more time to prepare so the dishes are not something you might get during the week.  There's no rush to finish, so conversations can go on and on.  Anyone who would like to join us, feel free to let me know by at least noon, any Sunday!  Earlier is always better but as long as I can adjust food amount all is well.

I'm also going to try to get on here more.  And maybe actually meet my goal from last year to finish my book.  This year is a lot about finishing things for me.  2011 will be a year of completion!

Oh and Misty?  Send me your address for your coffee!  Thanks for always commenting =)


Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Randomness Part Deux

Hmmm....the thing I love most about laptops is that you can take them anywhere.  You, DR, never know where I was when I wrote my blog.  You can imagine that I was sitting in some quaint little coffee shop, pulled up to a table with some yummy coffee drink and a pastry.  Or sitting in a chair on the beach, sipping my favorite fruity drink with a little umbrella on top.  For those with a little more imagination, I could be laying on the Dr bed, waiting for that all important check up.  We all know how long that wait can be(well, at least half of us do).  Toes curled up, trying to stay warm because you forgot your fuzzy socks.  Oooo, even better I could be stuck in the loo forever.  For those with weak stomachs and/or very imaginative minds, I apologize if reading that made you vomit a bit in your mouth.  And again apologize because reading about the vomit probably made you do it again.  I could keep apologizing for saying loo/vomit/green poo/blue throwup to match that birthday cake you had yesterday but I won't.  Just fair warning that in Jessica Space, sometimes the Unicorns do a little more than fart lol ;~)

Now...onto my random thoughts for the day.  They are many and varied, because I am supposed to be off work and I've had a lot of time to think over the past few days.

1.  MLP and I took a trip this weekend to get away.  We decided to drive down to Galveston.  Normally when we hit the beach, we make the trip to SPI.  But thats anywhere from a 9-12 hour drive.  I just didn't want to go that far for only a day or two.  I hadn't been to Galveston in many years, so was curious to see how it had changed and if any progress had been made from the Hurricane a few years ago.  For those wondering, yes some has been made.  And I'd like to send out a plea to my fellow beach lovers.  Lets take some of our vacay dollars back to GI.  Personally, I loved how much more accessible it was than SPI.  One side of the road are buildings.  The other side is water.  No hotels blocking the way.  No tens of yards of hot ass sand you have to treck your 50 lbs of crap across.  Plus they have Murdochs, which I loved and remembered from visits in the past.  They also have several examples of Victorian architecture (The Bishops palace is sooo on my agenda when we go back) and free rides on the ferry.  Sadly, there was only one pier in operation, because all the others had been blown away and that one pier charges you $2 just to walk out onto it.  The Flagship is in a state of being repaired.  Anyways, long story short, give it a shot.  Of course, I could change my mind once I'm actually able to get into the water and if that happens a repost will be done. =D

2. I am so freaking tired of chicken.  Everytime I eat it, it makes me sick.  It has to be cooked just write or else its too dry.  When its dry, I don't care how slow I eat it or how many dang times I chew it, it gets stuck.  Which means I have to well...I think I've grossed y'all out enough today.  So we'll skip over it.  Anyways, since APP decided to go her version of veggie, we've been eating a lot more chicken (because chickens and turkeys and other birds don't have feelings.  Neither does seafood).  So I am thinking she's about to go meatless and just eat her veggies and pasta two or three nights a week again.  Because beef and pork are much easier on my system.  And I don't give a crap if the cow looks up at me with doe eyes and leaks crocodile tears.  Cows are mighty tastey.  Crocodiles and does too

3.Well number three was going to be something about our country being a super power.  But I think thats probably an entire blog all by itself

4. I keep seeing this commercial about Wal-Mart cashing checks for $3 each and how that is such a good thing.  I'm wondering why those that use Wal-Mart to cash checks and then paying for money orders to pay their bills dont just...I don't know...get a checking account?  Where that stuff Just a thought

5. Now I know people read my thoughts, cause I see the counter go up.  But I only have two followers and no comments.  I want to know what y'all think or what y'all like to see me think about.  So...going to give away a cup of coffee.  To win this cup of coffee, you can do one of two things.  Follow me or leave a comment.  Random drawing of new comment/followers will happen Tuesday, January 25th.


Friday, January 14, 2011

An Open Letter to Bashers

An open letter to parents (First Lady Michelle Obama)

By First Lady Michelle Obama - 01/14/11 09:18 AM ET
Dear parents,
Like so many Americans all across the country, Barack and I were shocked and heartbroken by the horrific act of violence committed in Arizona this past weekend.  Yesterday, we had the chance to attend a memorial service and meet with some of the families of those who lost their lives, and both of us were deeply moved by their strength and resilience in the face of such unspeakable tragedy.
As parents, an event like this hits home especially hard.  It makes our hearts ache for those who lost loved ones.  It makes us want to hug our own families a little tighter.  And it makes us think about what an event like this says about the world we live in – and the world in which our children will grow up.

In the days and weeks ahead, as we struggle with these issues ourselves, many of us will find that our children are struggling with them as well.  The questions my daughters have asked are the same ones that many of your children will have – and they don’t lend themselves to easy answers.  But they will provide an opportunity for us as parents to teach some valuable lessons – about the character of our country, about the values we hold dear, and about finding hope at a time when it seems far away.

We can teach our children that here in America, we embrace each other, and support each other, in times of crisis.  And we can help them do that in their own small way – whether it’s by sending a letter, or saying a prayer, or just keeping the victims and their families in their thoughts.

We can teach them the value of tolerance – the practice of assuming the best, rather than the worst, about those around us.  We can teach them to give others the benefit of the doubt, particularly those with whom they disagree. 

We can also teach our children about the tremendous sacrifices made by the men and women who serve our country and by their families.  We can explain to them that although we might not always agree with those who represent us, anyone who enters public life does so because they love their country and want to serve it. 

Christina Green felt that call.  She was just nine years old when she lost her life.  But she was at that store that day because she was passionate about serving others.  She had just been elected to her school’s student council, and she wanted to meet her Congresswoman and learn more about politics and public life.
And that’s something else we can do for our children – we can tell them about Christina and about how much she wanted to give back.  We can tell them about John Roll, a judge with a reputation for fairness; about Dorothy Morris, a devoted wife to her husband, her high school sweetheart, to whom she’d been married for 55 years; about Phyllis Schneck, a great-grandmother who sewed aprons for church fundraisers; about Dorwan Stoddard, a retired construction worker who helped neighbors down on their luck; and about Gabe Zimmerman, who did community outreach for Congresswoman Giffords, working tirelessly to help folks who were struggling, and was engaged to be married next year.  We can tell them about the brave men and women who risked their lives that day to save others.  And we can work together to honor their legacy by following their example – by embracing our fellow citizens; by standing up for what we believe is right; and by doing our part, however we can, to serve our communities and our country. 
Michelle Obama
This letter was originally posted on the White House blog.

I just got through listening to a Fox News commentary regarding the above letter.  Basically, they couldn't believe that First Lady Michelle Obama would link civility to the tragedy and that she missed the "lesson to be learned".

First of all...did they even read the whole thing?  This is a letter to PARENTS regarding their children.  This letter was saying "You know what, in this day and age, kids are going to hear a lot about the tragedy.  Take this opportunity to talk to them.  Answer their questions".  At least thats my take away from this letter.  That and a $1.50 will buy you a bottle of coke.

And what is she saying are some things she hopes we talk to them about?  Supporting in times of crisis: whether it’s by sending a letter, or saying a prayer, or just keeping the victims and their families in their thoughts.  Teaching tolerance. Respecting those that serve our country and enter public life.  And for me, most important of all, she focuses on the victims. 

One thing that I just can't ever understand is our media focus on those that do something wrong and not mentioning those that the wrong was done too.  Christina Green, the little girl who lost her life, is a great example of a child on a path of public service.  How many children do you know who take the step of being elected to their schools policitical system (student council) and going to learn more about our country's?  At nine years old?  This little girl is who most of the news reports focus on when they talk about the victims.  So I am very appreciative that the First Lady also mentions ALL of the victims, their names and things that they did.  She finishes off her letter with this: And we can work together to honor their legacy by following their example – by embracing our fellow citizens; by standing up for what we believe is right; and by doing our part, however we can, to serve our communities and our country. 

But if you were to listen to Fox News, she's totally missing the point, that the Left needs to be the ones focusing on civilty in political conversations, etc.  She doesn't say ONE WORD about political conversations.  The only part of this letter that even approaches this is :
We can teach them the value of tolerance – the practice of assuming the best, rather than the worst, about those around us.  We can teach them to give others the benefit of the doubt, particularly those with whom they disagree.  and then later in the letter this: We can explain to them that although we might not always agree with those who represent us, anyone who enters public life does so because they love their country and want to serve it. 

I just don't get why those in the media have to bash in this way.  Why can't they just take something for what it is at face value?  One person commenting on the Fox Nation website said that MO needs to stop being all over the map and pick something to support and stick with it.  I think she has and what she's chosen to support are our children. 

Now, a reminder.  You have entered my, Jessica Poer's, slice of cyber space.  This is where unicorns fart rainbows and cookies promote six-packed ab-ness.  So fair warning, I'm about to say something POSITIVE about Michelle Obama.  Feel free to stop reading and move on to something else.  You won't hurt my feelings.

The things I see the most that Michelle Obama supports is being healthy.  She's done some wonderful PSAs on the Disney channel, discussing being active and making good food choices.  And horror of all horrors, she said you shouldn't eat dessert....everyday.  Which I agree with.  In the last three generations, children have gone from being sent out to play when the sun comes up and coming back home when the sun goes down to almost 3-5 hours on average of being in front of an electronic device.  So if there is not the physical activity to burn up the fuel, it turns to fat.  And, speaking from personal experience, fat is hard to get rid of.  Why parents want to subject their children to a lifetime of difficulties is beyond me.  I'm a firm believer
  •  That children can only eat what you let them. 
  • Picky eaters are made and not born.  Good food choices are all about presentation and if I can get Banana (not little Trock, a Banana I knew before) to eat a chicken and broccolli dish, any child can be made to eat a dish with vegetables. 
I digress.  I was supposed to be praising MO.  And I am.  She's made the health of our children a focus and thats a good thing. 

Sorry about the length of this blog but Fox News actually really pissed me off.  It was a classic case of taking something, giving it an entirely unintended context and using it as a chance to bash.  I'm hoping that by reading my blog, those who might not actually go out and read the letter from the First Lady and just bash that she did it,  instead, will read it and re-think their bashing.  Or at least find something that has merit to bash about.


Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Not accomplished

For some reason over the last few days my thoughts have focused on things NOT accomplished in last 365 days that we call a year.  Some of them are definitely things I want to continue to have on my radar and others....eeeeeh not so much. 

There....I blogged.  Happy?

ROFL...I'll blog more later.  Most likely as soon as I get all my thoughts in some kind of coherent form worth sending out into cyperspace for consumption.  Because I tried to make this longer.  But what was coming from the fingers stunk like butt scratch.  And that made me laugh all the harder and the only person who would get why I'm laughing doesn't even read my blog.  Cause its electrical format and not pen and paper.  But thats probably a good thing cause that leaves me free to talk about them.  =D