Saturday, January 29, 2011

Love and Sundays

For me, February is a month of love.  Not just because of Valentine's Day either.  My sweet baby girl has a birthday, my Mom has a birthday and several others that I love and care for are also celebrating in this month as well.  Plus, many years ago I met someone who put me on the path to where I am today.  While that person isn't Lance, without them I wouldn't have met Lance.  So that makes me smile too when I think of February. 

So, I think I'm going to celebrate February by showing my love.  For my very lucky husband and daughter, I'm going to try a new recipe every day in February.  Because its something I love to do.  I found an awesome deal at B&N last night, an Italian Family cookbook for $2.  Plus my Taste of Home magazine came in yesterday and in it was an article about Sunday dinners.  I remember doing that when I was a kid.  Especially with my Granny and Papaw or at my Mamaw's house.  Or at this one buffett place thats down the road from out church back home.

We haven't ever done that with Aleisa and I want her to have that experience.  Sunday dinner with the family is so different than other days.  Everything is slower, I guess.  You have more time to prepare so the dishes are not something you might get during the week.  There's no rush to finish, so conversations can go on and on.  Anyone who would like to join us, feel free to let me know by at least noon, any Sunday!  Earlier is always better but as long as I can adjust food amount all is well.

I'm also going to try to get on here more.  And maybe actually meet my goal from last year to finish my book.  This year is a lot about finishing things for me.  2011 will be a year of completion!

Oh and Misty?  Send me your address for your coffee!  Thanks for always commenting =)



  1. What a wonderful sentiment! Can't wait to see Ur new goodies book!

  2. I wish WE could DROP in on you EVERY Sunday ! I would SOOOO be there for everyone LOL by now you know my cooking..umm... allergy? Hate to prepare it love to participate in the event for ALL the reasons you described so well. Best wishes for your "year of completion".
    I will send you my address for general purposes but hold that cup of coffee .. Id rather you owe it to me in your kitchen with your company to go with it ... WHENEVER we get back that way ;-)

  3. See, I don't know if Tiffany told you but I have this cool thing called a Keurig. So if your in my kitchen, you get LOTS of coffee! =)

  4. Yes i am aware of the joy and excitement that ensued when your Keurig hit the village LOL ..I look forward to it!