Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Not accomplished

For some reason over the last few days my thoughts have focused on things NOT accomplished in last 365 days that we call a year.  Some of them are definitely things I want to continue to have on my radar and others....eeeeeh not so much. 

There....I blogged.  Happy?

ROFL...I'll blog more later.  Most likely as soon as I get all my thoughts in some kind of coherent form worth sending out into cyperspace for consumption.  Because I tried to make this longer.  But what was coming from the fingers stunk like butt scratch.  And that made me laugh all the harder and the only person who would get why I'm laughing doesn't even read my blog.  Cause its electrical format and not pen and paper.  But thats probably a good thing cause that leaves me free to talk about them.  =D


1 comment:

  1. totally understand .. i cant write on demand for the most part .. and the other 50% knows that too.. gotta write when it hits you right ;-)