Monday, December 20, 2010

Just stuff

This post is all about randomness.  Cause guess what?  By choosing to click on my link or visit me cause you follow me (all two of you, lol) you've entered that wonderful little part of the universe called Jessica World!  And in Jessica World, some of the things that are being thought about are:
  1. Before an email/text telling about the latest onion cure, missing child or picture of an alien is sent, you do a real quick Internet check for hoaxes.  In Jessica World, we always look out for wastes of time...unless of course the forward is just too ridiculous to share and then you send it on with a statement of such.
  2. If at all possible, all grammatical errors, misspellings and the like are removed from text messages, status, twats or whatever you are sending out.  Short and sweet abbreviations are fine but honey listen.  If you are using all the characters given to you in said communication, then please PLEASE (capped for emphasis, not because I was too lazy to retype because I had the caps lock on) edit your stuff.  Drunk texting is not included because damn it, its a friggin touch screen and sometimes I hit the wrong letter...OKAY
  3. All encompassing statements about families and/or general populations are not made (My family sucks, I hate everybody, All blondes with pixie cuts are bitches) because they are just not true.  Many of the "my family sucks or screwed me over" statements happen to include ME in it and honestly, I didn't.  And if I did, you deserved it (just kidding cause most of the time I'm too busy in my own life to really bother with yours past reading your status on Facebook.)
  4. Facebook drama would not exist.  Really.  Its Facebook.  Its a place to mindlessly send your thoughts out into the world, let family and friends who live far away have a glimpse into your fabulous life that they are missing or the chance for that crazy person down the street to stalk you cause you're  a dummy who sets your profile to private but didn't take the time to go in and adjust your picture settings (and yes the first time I typed in "your" instead of "you're" but I went in and edited, see Jessica World is a wondrous place.  I'll also use spell check)
Hmm...I can not believe I am drawing a blank.  Perhaps its the dogs whimpering behind me because the girls are not letting them play, but I think I'm done with this post.  Maybe I'll be in a jollier mood later on and do a run down of things to do in the next 24-72 hours...then again maybe not.

Lator Gator for Now!


  1. randomness ( Yes I copy pasted from above because I was to lazy to spell right on my own) is a beautiful thing.

    On a related note ...Today I attempted to type Buenos Noches (as I did just now and I still think its wrong and I am to lazy to look it up) and attempted to use spell check. Spell check suggests "bluenose nachos" . So NOW I will never be able to say Buenos Noches without thinking Bluenose Nachos ,again! To spell check or not to infect ones self with incorrect suggestions? THAT is the question.

    Yes randomness is a beautiful thang ( misspelling intentional).