Friday, December 10, 2010

Remember remember the 10th of December

Well, I don't really have anything to remember about the 10th of December.  I just like to chant that rhyme.  I'm random like that.  Know it, own it, love it....hmmm that might make a good t-shirt!  I've been on a t-shirt kick ever since I saw the "Use You Words" tee at the Merriam Webster site.  Then I went a-browsing at and saw all kinds of awesome designs.  But seriously...$34?  Are they CRAZY? 

Speaking of crazy...I just borrowed my neighbor's sewing machine.  I'm going to give it a try at converting some of our pants into skinny ones.  Miss A has several that she doesn't wear because they're not "skinny jeans".  She obvisiously hasn't seen the price difference between the skinny jean and the boot cut.  Again, they must be crazy cause there is less fabric on the skinny jean.  But whatevs. 

This weekend is looking like some fun.  Tonight A is going to an indoor swim party and I'm going to do some more shopping.  We're doing some science fair Saturday morning then going to Neiman's with MIL that afternoon to check out the Christmas display.  Then on Sunday our best friend family is coming over to decorate cookies and also to kick our butts if we don't have our Christmas decoration done.  I'm hoping having the pathetic four foot pre-lit disaster that my DH is making me use up counts.  Cause thats about as far as we got last night.  I am so not into it this year and just looking at that tree makes me want to just chuck it and let everyone wake up to a pile of stuff in the middle of the floor that Saturday morning.  I feel that this is a good plan because:
A. Nothing wrapped- Not wasting paper, bows or tape (good for the environment and my stress level)
2. No mess on Christmas morning (See A above)
C- Less electricity because we don't have the lights and stuff on all the time.  Which leads to
4. We might actually have some $$$ left over

Now if this were Jessica world (the world of farting unicorns and six-pack producing cookies) this would happen.  But since I have to live in Aleisa world, the tree (pathetic though it is) will get decorated, the gifts will be wrapped and all will be right in the world cause my heart grew 2 sizes just typing this...not



  1. LOL You are hilarious! I am thinking desk job by day & comedian by night is definitely in you future! Can't wait to convert all the girls non-skinny-jeans!

  2. LOL! Make sure you get the right needle for those jeans! And turn on some Christmas music and get into the mood! We put up our tree and decorated the house on November 13th! :P Of course, my oldest is only 8, and we get really giddy about this time of year!