Tuesday, September 6, 2011


Feeling very Rev Run typing this blog on my phone...although this also means that its a pretty good bet this will be a short blog. This sucker feels heavy holding it sideways like this but I feel pretty slick typing this fast with my thumbs.

I've become slightly addicted to the new MTV show Awkward.
It's well written, well acted and just well, good. Reminds me a little of My So Called Life but more funniness. Maybe in 20 years A and I can watch it together. You know, when she's old enough to be able to know that boys exist? That's after 30 right?

And as predicted in the beginning, its a short one!

LGFN ;~)
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Monday, September 5, 2011


She's alive....she's aliiiiive.....I thought I'd drop by and unload a little bit from the cranium.  Just cause its getting to be a little full with the whole "Jessica goes to college" thing I've got going.  College is really cool...if you're 19.  If you are above 19, sometimes it just seems like college is just one more damn thing on my list of things to do.  And sadly, sometimes it is waaaay down on the list.  Now don't get me wrong, I know that it is serving a very good purpose and I am enjoying myself.  But there are definitely moments (like the teacher who got her history facts wrong which just drove me nuts) that I just sit back and think "Do I really need this?  Is it worth it?"  So far I've always answered Yes to those question so I'm still plugging away.  I keep trying to talk MLP into moving to Lubbock so I can really have a college experience but, well, it's not going too well.  Something about his job and am I crazy and Aleisa and being a Mom/grownup keeps coming up.  Whatevs...totes unreas.  See?  I can already talk like them, so why can't I go party, I mean matriculate with them?

I thought I was going to write a really long great blog to welcome you all back to Jessica World but its 11:30....and I'm a grown up.  A really boring one.  And I'm already yawning as I type.  So maybe I'll save the rest of my cranium download for another day.  Which I promise won't be months into the future...maybe.