Monday, January 31, 2011

WW- Weekend Wrap up

Well this weekend was a mixture of laziness and accomplishments.  Friday Miss A had a school fun night at our local Main Event so I headed over to one of my most favorite places in the whole wide world....Barnes & Nobles!  I spent a blissfull hour and a half browsing and doing some research for my hero project for Humanities.  During class I looked at a table mate and said "A or B?"  They looked at me a little like my head was on sideways before they said A.  They didn't know that A was Alexander the Great and B was Boadicea (a leader of the Iceni tribe that was in modern day Norfolk/Suffolk region of England).  Both of those are interesting to me (he left such an impression upon the world that it influenced leaders for centuries to come; she was a strong female leader that overcame adversity) but I couldn't decide which.  But anyways.  Miss A ended up getting to go have a sleepover and didn't make it home til around 5ish on Saturday.  I spent Saturday doing a mix of housework and watching the telly/reading books.  Took Miss A to our local kid hang out and got to spend some time with MLP watching the movie Knight and Day.  Which is a good movie IMHO. 

Sunday was a good day.  We went to Mass as whole family and then went out for breakfast.  I had a craving for pancakes but when we got to IHOP it was waaaaay to busy.  So we decided to hit Golden Corral.  This place is a little bit of a waste for me to go to (I've been trying to just split something with L or A anytime we go out to eat) but it was nice to be able to have a little bit of anything I could want.  Ironically, I did NOT have any pancakes.  But their cheesey hashbrown casserole was sooo yummy, it is definitely going on the menu for one day in February.  After breakfast we headed home to do some much needed cleaning.  Thursday is the Chinese New Year and for good luck all year long, you should sweep out all the dust and disappoitments by midnight on February 2.  If you lift even a Swiffer, you'll sweep all the good stuff away.  Also buy something new and make sure its red.  So remember that, go shopping and NO CLEANING ON THURSDAY.  Or you'll not have any good luck.  Thats my story and I'm sticking to it ;~)

My big thing for this weekend was to start having Sunday dinner.  Now yes, we always eat dinners on Sundays but now I want to start making them seem like the Sunday dinners that I remember.  We didn't have anyone coming over to eat with us (which will happen on other Sundays) but I did have some yummo ideas for what we were eating: Turkeyburger steak (ground turkey, diced onions, brown gravy mix, breadcrumbs and an egg), Asperagus au gratin (asperagus with provolone and parm) and cubed potatoes (basically a peeled potatoe cubed and baked with olive oil and sea salt).  Unfortunately, when I told MLP what time I wanted us to eat (around 4 pm) he balked a little bit and said I should just start cooking around 4.  Which doesn't give us the time that I want us to have for Sunday dinner because A has to be at Youth by 5:30.  So by the time I finished getting everything ready we had about 20 minutes to eat.  Which is NOT a Sunday dinner in my mind, thats a normal everyday dinner (rushing to eat to get somewhere).  But we enjoyed having something different, I got a head start on making a new recipe and my house is CLEAN!!!

Next Sunday won't count because its....Super Bowl!  But we are going to open our house up, so feel free to stop by for football, food and fun!  Pending nasty weather, we'll have some fun outside stuff to do, the game going on our screen (digital TV with digital cable) and the Wii available in the back room to send the kids away as needed.  My menu will also depend on the weather, because I am NOT going to stand outside by the grill unless it is over 40 degrees outside.  This girl doesn't mind the cold but does mind being IN the cold!

What are your Super Bowl plans?  Any ideas to share?



  1. It seems like January has just flown by in a Flash! By the looks of the calendar, February probably will too! Yay for no cleaning on Thursday. PLEASE remind me so I don't have bad luck! ;-)

  2. That Sunday dinner will get better "timed" as you get in the swing of things and tell your L..Unless you beez the one cooking and preparing you cant beez the one who says WHAT TIME dinner is LOL Wish I lived closer i would just run from the Rees house to the Poer house every other night for dinner!!!!! AND YES PLEASE remind us on Thursday NO CLEANING! Are you sure they dont have a week of celebration?? maybe?? ANd does the new red count anything red ..and do you have to buy it on Thursday? As far as SB plan here no clue i dont plan further than an hour from now! ;-)