Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Randomness Part Deux

Hmmm....the thing I love most about laptops is that you can take them anywhere.  You, DR, never know where I was when I wrote my blog.  You can imagine that I was sitting in some quaint little coffee shop, pulled up to a table with some yummy coffee drink and a pastry.  Or sitting in a chair on the beach, sipping my favorite fruity drink with a little umbrella on top.  For those with a little more imagination, I could be laying on the Dr bed, waiting for that all important check up.  We all know how long that wait can be(well, at least half of us do).  Toes curled up, trying to stay warm because you forgot your fuzzy socks.  Oooo, even better I could be stuck in the loo forever.  For those with weak stomachs and/or very imaginative minds, I apologize if reading that made you vomit a bit in your mouth.  And again apologize because reading about the vomit probably made you do it again.  I could keep apologizing for saying loo/vomit/green poo/blue throwup to match that birthday cake you had yesterday but I won't.  Just fair warning that in Jessica Space, sometimes the Unicorns do a little more than fart lol ;~)

Now...onto my random thoughts for the day.  They are many and varied, because I am supposed to be off work and I've had a lot of time to think over the past few days.

1.  MLP and I took a trip this weekend to get away.  We decided to drive down to Galveston.  Normally when we hit the beach, we make the trip to SPI.  But thats anywhere from a 9-12 hour drive.  I just didn't want to go that far for only a day or two.  I hadn't been to Galveston in many years, so was curious to see how it had changed and if any progress had been made from the Hurricane a few years ago.  For those wondering, yes some has been made.  And I'd like to send out a plea to my fellow beach lovers.  Lets take some of our vacay dollars back to GI.  Personally, I loved how much more accessible it was than SPI.  One side of the road are buildings.  The other side is water.  No hotels blocking the way.  No tens of yards of hot ass sand you have to treck your 50 lbs of crap across.  Plus they have Murdochs, which I loved and remembered from visits in the past.  They also have several examples of Victorian architecture (The Bishops palace is sooo on my agenda when we go back) and free rides on the ferry.  Sadly, there was only one pier in operation, because all the others had been blown away and that one pier charges you $2 just to walk out onto it.  The Flagship is in a state of being repaired.  Anyways, long story short, give it a shot.  Of course, I could change my mind once I'm actually able to get into the water and if that happens a repost will be done. =D

2. I am so freaking tired of chicken.  Everytime I eat it, it makes me sick.  It has to be cooked just write or else its too dry.  When its dry, I don't care how slow I eat it or how many dang times I chew it, it gets stuck.  Which means I have to well...I think I've grossed y'all out enough today.  So we'll skip over it.  Anyways, since APP decided to go her version of veggie, we've been eating a lot more chicken (because chickens and turkeys and other birds don't have feelings.  Neither does seafood).  So I am thinking she's about to go meatless and just eat her veggies and pasta two or three nights a week again.  Because beef and pork are much easier on my system.  And I don't give a crap if the cow looks up at me with doe eyes and leaks crocodile tears.  Cows are mighty tastey.  Crocodiles and does too

3.Well number three was going to be something about our country being a super power.  But I think thats probably an entire blog all by itself

4. I keep seeing this commercial about Wal-Mart cashing checks for $3 each and how that is such a good thing.  I'm wondering why those that use Wal-Mart to cash checks and then paying for money orders to pay their bills dont just...I don't know...get a checking account?  Where that stuff Just a thought

5. Now I know people read my thoughts, cause I see the counter go up.  But I only have two followers and no comments.  I want to know what y'all think or what y'all like to see me think about.  So...going to give away a cup of coffee.  To win this cup of coffee, you can do one of two things.  Follow me or leave a comment.  Random drawing of new comment/followers will happen Tuesday, January 25th.


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  1. My thoughts on your thoughts...I have a stomach of Steele so bring on the disgusting Unicorns.. Thought 1) Vacations , even Mini..What are those? 2)if they want something for dinner they cook it themselves 3)Looking forward to hearing your your take 4)was thinking the same thing! 5)Ghost Readers show Yourselves! ;-)