Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Need a reason to celebrate?

Lets in history the Marine Corp were born, Sesame Street aired for the first time, Miranda Lambert, Eve and Brittany Murphy were born.  Its also Pi day (the 314th day of the year) and area code day.  This week is also Dear Santa Letter week, Pursuit of Happiness week and National Young Readers week (yay! cause I loooove reading!!)  And in honor of my in-house veggie (her Daddy likes to call her that, it drives her crazy) November is also Vegan Month.  Although she's not a vegan, eats dairy products and eggs, will eat fish and the other day ate chicken because we were at Bush's.  But, she's going on 3 weeks of this new thing so we're still supporting her.

There are a lot of random ways to celebrate November.  If I were childless and single, I would totally get into raising awareness for National Impotency Month, no good man should go to waste. ;~)  Plus its also National Roasting Month...does that mean we should cook a lot of roasts?  Or set up lots of parties with a guest of honor and make fun of them all night?

Whatever and however way we choose, always remember to give thanks.  Not just in November but everyday month as well

LGFN....Lator Gator For Now!


  1. Your posts seriously crack me up. You have such a way with words! Love it!

    So... How old is your in-house veggie? I did the same thing when I was about 12 and didn't stop until I was nearly 17. I'll never forget it. I was totally in love with my husband before we ever went out and on our 2nd date he insisted I eat a burger. I was sold. Took a few years for him to get bold enough to take me for steak. Now my favorite meal! :) I'm totally a meat eater now. However, my parents are not anymore!

  2. Thanks! I do try to amuse. Miss Lee (Aleisa, Leelee, AP, she goes by many names) is almost 12. She's broken down and had chicken a few times but for the most part is standing strong