Friday, October 28, 2011

Party Affiliation

So...I've never really had a party affiliation per se.  I think its pretty irrational those that vote a straight party ticket because, IMHO, you should vote for the person and what they stand for.  Not just because they are Elephant or Donkey.  One of the classes I'm taking this semester is US Gov and the lab for this week was to research both the GOP and Dem and their stance on issues (deficit spending, reproductive rights, gay rights, education, environment and health care) and also a third party.  For the third party you were to state if they were more closely related to one or the other and why they were a seperate party or were they more of an offshoot.  I went for the Libertarian as for the most part, I have liked the candidates they've put forth so far in local and state elections.

The first site I went to was for the GOP.  I have to admit, I like the way their site is set up.  They do a great job of plainly stating their party platform and they still have their 2008 edition (I'm assuming they only publish one for the presidential elections) list on their site so that is where I went.  I saw a few things that surprised me, particularly in education as they don't really publicize these opinions (at least not that I've heard a lot of).  In 2008, they were very big into choice and education being the responsibility of the parents and local legislation (both at the district and state level).  They advocated parents being able to send children where they wanted, even stating that they were for vouchers so that they could go to private school.  Which I agree with myself, as if your child is going to private you still are paying your school taxes.  They also feel that student led prayer should be allowed and student led groups should be able to use facilities.  Which I also agree with.  I wish they had made it clear that ALL student led religions could be accounted for but as they only talked about Judeo-Christian based religions it wasn't really clear.  Our Founding Father's specifically seperated church and state so that we could all have the freedom to practice (or not practice) what we want.  What I found to be completely hilarious is that while talking about fiscal and health (except for reproductive) issues, the GOP stands that the government should only do what the Constitution allowed it to and stay out of people's lives.  However, for every other issue they were all about telling people what to do.  Who they can marry, who can have children and what they can do with their bodies.  Just thought it was interesting.  I don't agree, but still interesting.

Next up was the Dems.  Their site was irritating.  Mostly built on platitudes and not everything was plainly stated.  It was also interesting to see that of the platitudes given, they both have basically the same stance on education and what the Dems state on their site is very similiar in nature to what the GOP states on fiscal matters.  Which basically tells me they are all full of it. =D  I agree with a lot of what they say but I haven't been super impressed with what they've been doing in the last few years so I'm very disillusioned with them.  With politics in general.  Which brings me to....

The Libertarians!  How I wish we could govern with their beliefs!  Government should be there to keep us from harming others and their property.  Government should not tell us who should be in our beds, what we can do with our bodies or our money.  I didn't have to answer as much about them in my paper so I'm still in the process of the deeper dive but I think I may have found my affiliation.  Feel free to go check them out,


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  1. Yet another reason why I like you as a person and as a blogger .. you will take the time to do the research ( even if its not an assignment). I myself tend to not do the research but to my credit I also do not just spout off trying to sound like I know what I am talking about. So I keep my mouth shut and and look to those like you to inform me. As for affiliation with all that I have just said I obviously do not consider myself for , with ,or against any of them in particular... I think I fall in the affiliation of I dont care which Party you ( the politicians) are with just stop arguing and lets move this country forward! I know thats the personal cop out but thats where I am. Knowing you and the way you dive into everything you do and that you are taking a US Gov Class I see many more blogs on our world of government in the future...try not to let your head explode as you dive deeper into this topic.. it's a nerve striking one and I know how you are when you get a nerve struck... Best of luck in your class.