Friday, January 25, 2013

Unsportsman like conduct

I know I just can't let it go but I was really disturbed last night at Miss A's basketball game.  There were grown men and women (although I do use the term grown extremely loosely because I typically think grown ups act like grown ups and not foolish idiotic rude idiots) telling these 6th 7th and 8th graders to knock people down.  Mocking other parents.  And GROWN WOMEN ARGUING WITH CHEERLEADERS.  Seriously.  Why would you try to argue with a child that doesn't belong to you?  I know its almost useless to argue with the one who does belong to me because she still has that all knowing chemical and wiring going on in her brain right now and it doesn't matter what I'm saying if I'm the one saying it she either doesn't believe it or doesn't think its relevant.  I said to the Moms beside me, its a Middle School Basketball game.  Our kids are going to go on.  And that there are other things to learn in sports that have nothing to with winning.  And everything to do with working with others or pushing through when things look lost.  I have never seen my CEO stick their leg out and trip a competiting CEO as he was walking.  Nor have I ever seen my Dr. jump on another Dr's back to take a patient away from them.  Parents shouldn't encourage behaviour that doesn't help their kids in the real world.  Of all the kids right now playing ball in high school, 3.5% of them will go on to play college basketball (that number jumps to almost 7% for football and 11% for Men's Ice Hockey...go figure).  Of those 3.5%?  1% will go on to play professional.  Why place your dreams on that 1%?  And those 1% who are blessed to have the talent, drive and hard work ethic to make it, what do you do when you're done?  Use the tools that athletic participations provides you with in a positive way.  Don't teach your kids that intimidation is how you earn respect.  Because in the end, that behaviour just serves to lead you to places you don't want to be.


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