Friday, March 11, 2011

Randomness...Part Trey =)

For some reason, I just love that we call my BIL Trey.  It's not his given name, just what he's called because he's a III.  I keep trying to come up with a cool name should he have a IV, but words for four don't have any good rings to them.  Four, Quatro, Cetiri, Fire (I promise it's 4 in Danish), Nelja.  Although Quatre is 4 in French and that could be kind of cute.  But he'd probably have to become a boxer because he might get teased.  And just yesterday I came up with a name for my next daughter (should God bless me with one)....Marchelle.  I love MLPs real name, Marshal, but he dislikes it.  But I love it.  So with Marshal and Rachelle (my middle) she'd be named after both of us and have something different and unique.  PLUS I could again name a girl after favorite aunts in a way.  One of my favorite aunt's middle name is Marie and then one of my daughters' aunts is Michelle.  So it works.  If I had my way, I'd have a son and MLP would let me have a Jr and then I could call him MJ and he'd be named after both of us too.  But I did mention previously that he isn't all in love with his name.  But a girl can hope....for a son to name. =)

Another thing thats been going through my brain is people who don't turn right on a GREEN light.  I'm telling you, yesterday this lady sat there for a FULL MINUTE while the light was green before she turned right.  I was thiiiiiiiis close to honking my horn at her when she finally went.  And no, it wasn't because she wasn't paying attention because she kept looking to the left and right at the cars to see if she could go!!!  THE LIGHT IS GREEN LADY...GREEN MEANS GO!  In almost any language or culture... I know because my humanities teacher told me so. 

Speaking of Humanities, I am really hating that dang class.  Which is very upsetting to me.  Thats supposed to be a class that is right up my alley.  But all she is concerned about is some damn hero model complex friggin project.  I didn't even get to talk about how the author of the text book should have mentioned that without Marius or Sulla, we'd have never gotten a Caesar.  Marius and Sulla gave their soldiers a reason to be loyal to their general and not necessarily to the State.  But noooo.  She does have some interesting music videos that she's made.  And she's really knowledgable about it, which is more than I can say for that last class I hated.  I just hate this stupid hero project. 

Thats about all I gots.  Maybe later I'll drop more randomness...


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  1. LOVE Marchelle! AND if you give her the middle name "Lynn" ;-) she will have the initials MLP! :-) As for Trey's son, why not just call him Four? I like Four. Granted not as sauve as Trey, but I like it better than 4 in other laguages. Makes me think of golf... "FOUR!" LOL okay I am done... any more and my comment would become a randomness blog... LOL