Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Learning....and then learning some more

 BeI don't know why, but I am always amazed at the different ways I can learn and the events that teach me.  I have learned when I was expected to, in a classroom setting or when trying something new.  Those are some of my favorite places and types of learning.  I know when I walk in that my brain will gain a new wrinkle and possible more useless facts to pull out of thin air to amaze others with what I know.  Sometimes I act like the kid from Jerry Maguire "Did you know a baby bunny is a kit?  That Six Flags is named that because its about the six countries that have been over Texas (that's a good one to pull out with someone who isn't from here)? That the guy from Dirty Dancing played Lumiere from Beauty and the Beast? (Something I did not know until today!)"

And now you get to laugh at me.  Its been so long since I blogged that I figured I'd come by and do a brain dump.  Which is when I found this lovely beginning to a blog.  Except I have no idea where I was going with it.  And I totally tried to pull it off and finish it so none of you would be the wiser.  But I didn't.  Cause I couldn't.  Which makes me a little sad because it read like a really good one!  Oh well.

Anywho...which is a website, did you know that?  You can go to and find phone numbers or find out who a phone number belongs to.  Its fabulous.  But I took another left again.  Got to be careful with those lefts or otherwise we'd just end up in a square.  And square's can be boring and box like.  Not like triangles, which can make for a great base or fill up a corner.  Or diamonds, which hello, are a girls best friend.  And yes, I am totally distractable and there is a reason why Aleisa is very naturally like Dori from Finding a butterfly.

To finish up, I learned today that the President is a citizen. glad that was finally cleared up.  Now we can focus in on what kind of underwear he likes or maybe even....gasp...does he wear white socks?  Or black socks?  Or socks?  Which means he has stinky feet!  Or maybe we could think about our budget.  Or education and how we are at the bottom of the totem poll in regards to the industrial world.  Countries I've never even heard of before are better educated than we are.  And I bet their kids know where the United States is on a map.  Granted, we're like, totally huge and easy to find.  But still.  Do you know which country in Europe is which?  And no, Italy and England don't count.  A big ol boot and an island are gimmes.  And yes, I realized I just called myself a tad bit unlearned.  Shocking I know.  But there it is.  Now I'll have to go find some really cool looking almanac and find those countries.  Or I could just challenge you to a game of Trivial Pursuit or Jeopardy.  Either way....


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  1. I too find i know lots of useless and helpful info. Was funny to me that you didnt know Jerry Orbach aka Dirty Dancing Dad was Lumiere from Beauty and the Beast, but then again that movie was my son's Hanna Montanna we watched it hundreds ( no exaggeration) of times! As for learning I am not a classroom learner. As for your blog "starting as a good read" ... it was good all the way .. You see THAT is how my brain works zip over here zap over there so it all made perfect sense to me! Unstructured brain dumps are great .. I started a letter the other day and wrote for 5 hours straight. I sadly pity my poor Aunt who will have to struggle through it! So dont sweat it write on because we enjoy it!