Thursday, April 28, 2011

Readers in Random Countries

I like to go back and check out the stats from my posts.  They are extremely modest when compared to other blogs but still kinda cool when you look at all the info behind whose reading (without actually knowing who's reading).  And there are some random countries that people read my blog in.  And I have no idea how they found my blog.  Although, I am hoping that its my cousing (Holla DJ!  You should get the wifey to read so I can be read in the Phillipines, lol ;~D) but if not, it will be left to my imagination....

Imagine thats its JK Rowling!  She saw on my FB page that she's one of my heroes and that HP has been read so many times in my house by the two of us that one of our books is falling apart and we have to replace it because the pages are falling out.  She saw one of my links and decided "Hey, I'm bored today.  What is one of my fans thinking?"  and found her way to my slice of unicorn butterfly pooping sparkley raindow universe.  And found that she liked it here!  And made the ulitmate decision to marry Albus Severus off to a beautiful American born witch named Jessica.  And they went on to have children, one of which was actually a Dark wizard, lured over to the Dark Arts by tales of what happens in the Department of Mysteries...and whose cousins have to hunt him down and convince him to repent!  Their story is told in a three book arc that sells millions and millions of books.  And a percentage is given to me (small, small but still) as the inspiration!!!

OR...well I have to go to class and frankly I can't imagine anything more awesome than that.  So I'm going to leave it at that.  And maybe jump in again tomorrow.  Cause I remembered that I like writing down whats in my head. ;~)


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