Friday, July 20, 2012

Ta-dah! Dueces

Yay me!  I came back for a second time and it didn't take me weeks...ok more like months to do it!  Doing a boogie woogie chair dance. =) today I have two thoughts.  First thing that made me want to get out here was my pride in figuring out what I think of as a great learning experience for Miss A.  She has airhead disease (otherwise known as ADD in girls) and is very prone to forgetting to do things or not completing them before moving on to others.  It makes it very difficult not to "punish" her for these things (like leaving the fridge door open, the garage door, leaving homework unfinished on your desk, leaving finished homework that you worked on for 2 hours sitting on the kitchen table) but at some point its just got to have something done.  I come out of my meetings to grab me some lunch.  And what do I find?  The milk sitting on the kitchen table!!!  Along with a full juicie (Capri sun thing for those not in the know).  And the bowl sitting on the counter.  I was angry!  This made me angry because she had come and asked to go have lunch with a friend and I said fine, just make sure everything has been picked up.  So my choices on seeing this are 1. Outright defiance or 2. Her brain went in one direction and she got distracted.  I gave her the benefit of doubt and went with 2.  So her learning experience is...picking up a bucket of rocks!  We have a bunch of small rocks around our back yard from the rock bed that used to be around our tree and from the dirt we've had brought in.  I explained to her that I want dirt.  No sticks.  ROCKS.  This will take her some time to do.  And make her pay attention to what she's doing.  Brilliance in my mind.  Feel free to comment on ways you've given your children out of the box learning experiences!

Now...thing two.  Is anyone else annoyed by the Motts for Tots commercial?  They start it off with cute lil munchkins talking about how they know their Mom loves them, then segue/segway(not sure how thats spelled but you get the gist) into how, if you love your toddler, you'll give them Motts for Tots.  Just annoys me.  Frankly I think if you love your child you make sure they get food period.  And water.  And a roof over their head.  And a place to sleep.  I know this, because I looked it up.  The State of Texas told me so.  And I remind Miss A that that is all I have to do.   Oh, I also have to make sure she goes to school in some way shape or form.  Not give her Motts.  For tots or otherwise. 

LGFN!  (Just as a reminder, LGFN is Later Gator for Now!  See my first post for my brilliance in deciding on this vs TTFN) =D

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