Saturday, September 8, 2012

Amazing Human Body

Our bodies are amazing.  Actually, all living things are pretty amazing.  I've never understood how people can look at the world and not believe in God.  Its all too structured and ordered and too many things fit together perfectly for there not to be a design and a designer. 

What brought about this realization?  A torn Achilles tendon.  On Tuesday I snapped it.  On Wednesday I got this narley boot that has made all of the difference in terms of pain and mobility.  Last night, on Friday, I had taken my boot off and my foot felt almost normal.  I was even able to move it around in ways that I hadn't been able to in the previous days.  No, it was not a miraculous recovery.  The Dr had told me that my brain would find ways around the injury and would start using other muscles/tendons to do the job it needed to do.  But to have that be true was simply amazing.  I'd spent the last 48 hours try to push my foot down to stare at doing nothing.  And my body figured out a way around it.  Of course, as soon as I tried to walk God laughed at my presumption by sending stabbing pain through my ankle and calf.  But still.  Truly amazing. 

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